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Comfortable, reusable protective face shields, cloth masks and protective desk guards for business, medical, and schools. American-made face shields, and desk guards offer full face protection from splatter. Our protective and comfortable face shields are manufactured in Denver, Colorado.

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Back-to-School Youth and Kid-sized Face Shields

We offer a youth-sized face shield options with bulk pricing. Protective reusable face shields for children perfect for grade school (K-5) if you are a school looking for added protection for your students, contact us for your custom quote. We also offer bulk pricing for cloth face masks.

Youth/Kid Size: 8 ¼” tall by 10 ½” wide

Teen/Adult: 9 ¼” tall by 12 1/8” wide

Wholesale Protective Cloth Face Masks Also available upon request!

Back-to-School – My Space Shields – Protective Desk Guards

We are now able to produce foldable reusable, cleanable, protective desk shields. The My Space Shield protects your work space in classrooms and open area work spaces, allowing for a safer environment for all.

Helping to Bring Back Medical Device Manufacturing to the USA

The material that we use to build our face shields includes RPET clear plastic face shield material that is FDA approved and one of the recommended materials for medical use. We also use 23 pt. thick polyethylene for the colorful brow strip, comfort foam sealer strip for all day wear, secured by nickel-plated rivets instead of glue and sewn into a wide elastic band.

Design: We designed our face shields with longevity in mind, you do not have to worry about the glue breaking down and these face shields are comfortable enough to wear ALL day long.

Our reusable comfortable face shields are produced with high volume production capabilities, so you can order a bulk purchase of face shields made in the USA with fast delivery.

Face shields, comfort cushions, customized colors and other options can be designed to the customer specifications, so you can order custom face shields in large quantities and have them delivered quickly.

Field tests and feedback from healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, dentists and first responders were used for the final design. Quality, comfort and reusability were key to our design choices.

Custom Protective Face Shields for Medical, Dental and Small Businesses: We are capable of manufacturing protective face shields for businesses small and large. If you need a customizable option for your face shields, please each out to us and we will customize a quote to fit your business needs. We have had clients in the medical, dental fields, manufacturing, pet salons, restaurants, schools, nursing homes and beyond. We are working to supply people from all walks of life with quality, comfortable, protective gear manufactured here in the United States of America.

Minimum Order for Bulk Pricing starts at 50.